Thursday 18 February 2016 to Friday 19 February 2016

Open PHACTS will be hosting a two-day conference in Vienna, Austria on 18–19 February 2016.

The conference will include a variety of expert speakers and open discussions on linking data in the life sciences domain.

Day 1 (Thursday, 2016-02-18) will focus on what has been achieved so far in this domain, by the Open PHACTS project and by others. Discussions will include an overview of how the domain has evolved, demonstrations of what can be done with existing linked data, and a poster competition where you can show off your own uses of linked life science data.

Day 2 (Friday, 2016-02-19) will focus on the future of linking life science data. Discussions will consider how various sectors of this domain, including large industries, are moving towards linking more data;
what challenges still need to be met; and what concrete steps we can take to keep moving forward.

The conference is free to attend but registration is necessary.