We are pleased to announce the release of SEEK version 1.6.

SEEK is the software behind the FAIRDOMHub repository and several others researcher communities, in particular in systems biology.


  • Interlinking the ELIXIR Norwegian e-Infrastructure for Life Sciences (NeLS) with the SEEK platform. This will provide NeLS and SEEK users with unprecedented opportunities for storing, sharing, and archiving of data in ways that comply with the FAIR principles.
  • Our second installment of our JSON API, in particular to include support for writing and submitting new entries in SEEK. Most write abilities are now available through the API including creating Datafiles, SOPs, Models, Investigation, Studies and Assays and linking them together. More details about the api can be found in the API Guide, with more technical details found in the JSON API Overview
  • Changes to the DataFiles upload workflow, along with better RightField template support. The flow has been changed such that the file is registered before providing additional details. This allows information to be extracted and details automatically populated where possible. The supported templates are now provided as part of the templates generated for Sample Types, but will soon be available more widely.
  • DataFile metadata is now provided through a Wizard, split into logical steps, that can easily be stepped through.
  • Assays can be created and linked to the DataFile being submitted as part of the same process. This can either be manual or from the details provided within a template.
  • Support for a new Document asset type. This is to represent general documents that do not fit as other asset types - such as reports or meeting minutes.
  • Ability to enable and provide Terms and Conditions, that need to be accepted as part of the registration process
  • Creating DOI’s for individual items has been made clearer and easier to use.

For further details please read our FAIRDOM News