We are pleased to announce the release of SEEK version 1.8.

SEEK is the software behind the FAIRDOMHub repository and several others researcher communities.


  • openBIS integration has been extended and improved upon, mainly through contributions from Tomasz Zielinski of SynthSys. The extensions include linking between Studies and openBIS Experiments, and Assays and openBIS Objects. Automation has also been added to automatically detect and synchronise new items. For more information please read our Guide for using openBIS with SEEK. Note that to use the new features, openBIS 18.06.1 or later is required.
  • A new Project Dashboard has been added, to allow project members to view various statistics and trends, including graphs, within their project. For more information please read the Project Dashboard Guide
  • Former project members, that have been marked as inactive within a project, are now more clearly indicated along with the date they left.
  • Project start and end dates can now be defined for a project, which, if defined, are displayed on the Project page.