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The Software Sustainability Institute is inviting quotes for the provision of a Carpentries-style course curriculum on either of the following two topics:

  1. A standalone statistics course focussing on a collection of basic and intermediate statistical skills. This module could be targeted to those working in, e.g. public health or veterinary science, but ideally would be of wider interest to data scientists across various areas needing state-of-the-art statistical and visualisation techniques.

  2. A standalone course on Machine Learning focussing on the basic skills required by data scientists for discovering patterns in data. These skills should be broadly applicable to a number of problems in data science and data mining, for example image and speech recognition and analysis, medical diagnostics and making predictions. The total funding available for the project to bid for is £12,500. This amount will be shared between successful bids - up to two bids will be funded.

Deadline for submissions is 15 November 2020.

See the full invitation to quote.