We are pleased to announce a new version of the FAIRDOM-SEEK Platformversion 1.13.0

This is a large new major release, and includes:

  • Maintenance period - code tidying, removing old unused features, refactoring.
  • Rails 6.1 upgrade.
  • Workflow support improvements:
    • Git repository support
    • integration for workflow steps,
    • Citation CFF support,
    • Jupyter notebook rendering,
    • RO-Crate parsing and creation fixes,
    • Improved workflow diagram generation,
    • Workflow maturity flag and filter,
    • LifeMonitor integration - filter by test status.
  • Sample enhancements:
    • Extraction performance improvements,
    • Improved error handling and reporting during sample extraction,
    • Sample types have contributor shown, and now supports creators,
    • Filtering and search view now available for samples and sample types.
    • JSON API improvements.
  • Integrated TeSS search for Events.
  • Timezone information provided for Event start and end dates.
  • Search improvements:
    • Fix to the order of search results,
    • Improvements to indexing.
    • Harmonization between general search and searching and filtering.
  • Show the last person that updated an item (shown only to project members).
  • Improvements to the table view of items, adding more columns and making more consistent.
  • Tagging projects from the EDAM ontology, and made easier to extend with other ontologies in the future.
  • API testing and documentation improvements.
  • Project creation and join requests fixes and improvements, including:
    • Other administrators are notified when a request is responded to.
    • Ability to delete a request without responding, for handling spam or duplicates.
  • Descriptive help text for each creatable entry, show in the Create or Browse pages that link off to documentation where available.
  • IBISBA enhancements:
    • iPOP - to populate a Project and ISA information from a spreadsheet template,
    • File templates and Placeholders.
  • Publication improvements:
    • Option to support the upload of full text PDF or link,
    • Any number of related links,
    • Option to allow editing imported publications.
  • Settings caching - giving a page load speed improvement
  • Cookie consent banner improved to give more control over which cookies are set, and when content from other sites can be embedded.

Details on installing SEEK can be found in our Documentation, at – including running with Docker.

The upgrade guide can be found in the usual place at