ELIXIR-UK hosted a Hackathon in Cambridge which was attended by several members of the eScience team. The highlights from the eScience Lab were:

  • FAIRDOM team member Stuart Owen used the opportunity to work with the Bioschemas team to mark-up content rendered in the FAIRDOM SEEK with Bioschemas annotations. These annotations will improve the findability of resources through search engines. The team successfully defined and implemented attributes for Person, Project, Taxon, Sample, Event, DataSet, DataCatalogue, DigitalDocument, and PresentationDigitalDocument.

  • TeSS team member Niall Beard worked with Gabriella Rustici and Alexia Cardona to present and receive feedback about designs for the Learning Paths Implementation Study which is currently in development. This useful feedback helped inform future requirements of the feature. Niall also developed prototype code to allow training resources in TeSS to be annotated with Learning Outcomes and Pre-requisites; and developed a basic tree structure to represent how resources could be connected together in Learning Paths.

  • Alan Williams participated in a review of the Bioschemas website which resulted in a list of suggested improvements. These improvements to the website and document structure will help Bioschemas be a manageable and well-organized community.

  • Nick Juty worked with Daniela Butano and Ken McLeod to advise on the implementation of bioschemas markup for Intermine; a Biological data integration platform.

ELIXIR-UK Hackathon

Elixir-UK Hackathon. Photo credit: Nicola Soranzo