How can I practically apply the FAIR Principles in my work? How do I know what is the right FAIR-enabling tool for me?

The FAIR-IMPACT project have launched the first of three open calls for financial support. In this first open call, the project will be encouraging applications for either of two defined support actions, which have been designed to help participants learn how to use specific tools, methods, and approaches to start (or continue) their journey to becoming more FAIR-enabling.

The first call has two actions:

The eScience Lab is supporting the second action together with DANS to provide a method to increase the discoverability of the metadata and content. It will do so using a combination of two approaches; RO-Crate and Signposting. These approaches are being used in combination as a pragmatic approach to making digital scholarly/research objects more FAIR.


Calls are now open, applications by eligible organizations and individuals are due 2023-06-01.