myExperiment is a collaborative online environment where scientists can safely publish their workflows and in silico experiments, share them with groups and find those of others. Workflows, other digital objects and bundles (called packs) can now be swapped, sorted and searched like photos and videos on the Web. Unlike Facebook or MySpace, myExperiment fully understands the needs of the researcher and makes it really easy for the next generation of scientists to contribute to a pool of scientific methods, build communities and form relationships — reducing time-to-experiment, sharing expertise and avoiding reinvention.

myExperiment has many different types of workflows, such as Taverna, Galaxy, Rapid Miner, Bio Extract, and Kepler. You can also share your workflows and their supporting files, either with your colleagues or with the wider world, or even make packs that group together related workflows and files, allowing people to download a whole body of work with a single click.

You can also find the other people on myExperiment, and create and join groups of people to collaborate. myExperiment supports tagging of workflows and files, and you can even review others’ contributions right there on myExperiment.

myExperiment is written in Ruby on Rails.