TeSS (Training eSupport System) is a portal for aggregating, discovering, organising and diseminating pre-existing training resources (events and materials), primarily by aggregating training information metadata from ELIXIR nodes but also from various 3rd-party content providers. TeSS is not a repository (it does not store original resources), rather it is a metadata registry (storing metadata and links to resources) providing centralised, coherent, curated and searchable access to training resources to:

  • Trainees (to aid training of researchers and professionals)
  • Trainers (to expose training materials created by trainers)
  • ELIXIR nodes (to provide a 1-stop-shop giving an at-a-glance view of nodes’ training landscape, allowing nodes to contribute to the catalogue of training resources and promote their latest news, events, activity highlights, etc.)

TeSS was originally funded though the ELIXIR EXCELERATE project. It is written in Ruby on Rails.