caGrid was part of caBIG (cancer Biomedical Informatics Grid), a US project to carry out eScience and bioinformatics in cancer research.

The myGrid team were funded by the US National Cancer Institute (NCI) to help caGrid integrate Taverna and caGrid, so that Taverna can find and use (secured) caBIG services, and so the Taverna engine could be exposed as a caBIG service.

The team wrapped a selection of typical non-caBIG services used by Taverna users so that they are annotated and comply with caBIG’s compatability requirements, as described by the caGrid Taverna deliverables (archived) and the project summary report.

The work on the caGrid project follows on from caGrid’s previous adoption of Taverna when the Taverna and caGrid collaborated in 2007 to develop a Taverna 1.7.0 GT4 processor as a plugin based upon the Taverna’s WSDL processor. This work has been updated for Taverna 2.1.2, making two plugins were made available: caGrid plugin (for invoking caGrid services) and caGrid remote execution plugin (for remote execution of caGrid workflows on a server).

The functionality of the Taverna 1.7.0 caGrid plugin was shown at a caGrid meeting in late 2008 where the associated poster won an outstanding poster award.

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