FAIRDOM is a joint action of ERA-Net ERASysAPP and European Research Infrastructure ISBE to establish a data and model management service facility for Systems Biology. Our prime mission is to support researchers, students, trainers, funders and publishers by enabling Systems Biology projects to make their Data, Operating procedures and Models, Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable (FAIR).

FAIRDOM comprises five partner institutions from four countries:​

  • The University of Manchester, UK: Professor Carole Goble (Coordination); Prof. Jacky Snoep
  • The Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies (HITS), Germany: Dr. Wolfgang Müller
  • The University of Zürich, Switzerland: Dr. Lars Malmström
  • The Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule (ETH) Zürich, Switzerland: Dr. Bernd Rinn
  • The University of Leiden, Netherlands: Dr. Katy Wolstencroft

FAIRDOM builds on the outcomes of the successful SysMO-DB and SyBIT data management projects, uniting their tool and database development as well as their experience serving large systems biology projects

We achieve this by:

  • The FAIRDOM Open Software Platform and toolset to manage data, models and projects that combines standards, the SEEK and openBIS tool suites and community tools.
  • A centrally hosted, public FAIRDOMHub – a “Systems Biology Community Commons” – for independent researchers, projects and programmes. Researchers can manage their projects and project assets in a secure way. Journals, funders and communities have a resource for shared and published data, models and methods. FAIRDOMHub brings together already established programme FAIRDOM-SEEKs for SysMO, VLN and independent project FAIRDOM-SEEKs.
  • A Facility of support services for curation, training, and data management planning for the EraSysAPP projects.
  • A European Knowledge community for standards, data and model management expertise, FAIRDOM users and developers, and developers of Systems Biology tools and resources. We run workshops and summer schools, and will develop a library of standard templates for data, model and SOP management.
  • Working with stakeholders – funders, policy makers, research infrastructures, journals and standards initiatives – to foster FAIR data and model management in Systems Biology. We work actively with COMBINE and ISBE, as well as other national initiatives.