The National e-Infrastructure for Social Simulation was a JISC-funded project to undertake a coordinated programme of productionising services and furthering uptake through community engagement to create a sustainable, long-term platform for social simulation with potential for major strategic impact, both in the UK and internationally. The project involved Leeds University, Manchester University (including NCeSS), Stirling University, Glasgow University, UCL, Southampton University, STFC Daresbury Laboratory

Within the project, the eScienceLab team were working on:

  • the integration of Taverna functionality into a Portal, i.e., providing JSR 168/286 compliant components that provide access to enactment, management, monitoring and creation of workflows;
  • the re-purposing of services from myExperiment, facilitating their integration into a portal. An important focus was the incorporation of social networking functionality to provide extended archiving and documentation capability for social simulations.