This project in partnership with Microsoft aimed to develop accessible High Power Computing infrastructure to support the analysis of large genetic data. An essential part of the work was the integration of results with metadata retrieved from knowledge repositories.

This work built upon the myGrid achievements in the association of metadata with data and the description of the semantics of services.

The project was based at the North West Institute for BioHealth Informatics (NIBHI), a collaborative venture between the major universities in the North West of England, industrial partners such as Astra Zeneca, and the North West Development Agency. The principal investigator is .

The project was funded for £600k and ran from March 2008 to February 2010.

Enable Taverna workflows in a Shared Genomics causality workbench

This was an ENGAGE funded project to enable Taverna workflows using Shared Genomics services to be called in a more efficient manner. This work builds on the .