SYNTHESYS+ is a pan-European collections infrastructure project and the fourth iteration of the SYNTHESYS programme, funded by the European Commission. SYNTHESYS+ will commence on 1 February 2019 and run until 31 January 2023.

SYNTHESYS+ is the final iteration of the programme, which builds upon previous SYNTHESYS projects which ran from February 2004 -– July 2009; September 2009 – August 2013; and September 2013 – August 2017. All iterations of the SYNTHESYS programme have developed collections infrastructure with international partners, via discrete work packages coordinated under deliverables of Access, Networking, and Joint Research Activities.

SYNTHESYS+ will lay the foundations for the Distributed System of Scientific Collections (DiSSCO), a massive scientific infrastructure project, which will see 115 European Museums from 21 Countries position their collections at the centre of data-driven scientific excellence and innovation in environmental research, climate change, food security, one health and the bioeconomy.

eScience Lab involvement

eScience Lab is involved with making the Specimen Data Refinery (SDR), a workflow installation based on Galaxy that performs digitization and analysis of digital specimens using community standards including openDS, FAIR Digital Objects and RO-Crate.

  • WP8: JRA3: Specimen Data Refinery (lead: NHM)
    • (Task 8.2: Development of tools and services (lead: NHM))
      • (Subtask 8.2.6: Specimen Data Refinery Workflow and Tools Registry)
    • Task 8.3: Development of the SDR platform for executing data processing services (lead: UNIMAN)
    • D8.3: Cloud platform for tools and services (lead: UNIMAN)
    • MS61: Functional SDR registry (lead: UNIMAN)


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