RO-Crate is s community effort to practically achieve FAIR packaging of research objects (digital objects like data, methods, software) with structured metadata. RO-Crate uses well-established Web standards and FAIR principles. For common metadata representations, RO-Crate builds on, a mature and general mark-up vocabulary used by search engines including Google Dataset Search. RO-Crate is co-led by eScience Lab and used in several of our projects as a pragmatic implementation of the FAIR Digital Objects vision.

On collaboration with ELIXIR, RO-Crate community and Bioschemas community, we are planning a series of training events on RO-Crate and Bioschemas in 2023:

In addition we have submitted workshop proposals for:

  • Open Science FAIR, Madrid, 2023-09-25/–27
    • Lightweight reproducible FAIR data packages: A practical introduction to RO-Crate and (submitted)

The training material will also be made available on the RO-Crate outreach section.