Funded by call HORIZON-INFRA-2021-EOSC-01-06 101058427, EOSC4Cancer will provide a federated infrastructure for the exploitation of cancer data for the EU Cancer Mission.

EOSC4Cancer brings together comprehensive cancer centres, research infrastructures, leading research groups, and major computational infrastructure across Europe to make the exploitation of the data possible.

EOSC4Cancer will prepare EOSC services for cancer research and enrich EOSC with data, tools and services from the cancer community.

eScience Lab contributions

UK partners in Horizon Europe projects are funded through Innovate UK (#10038961) from the UKRI Horizon Europe guarantee.

In the EOSC4Cancer project the eScience Lab is involved in expanding the RDMKit to make a RDMkit4Cancer, providing training support and use of RO-Crate & WorkflowHub:

  • WP1 – Federated data spaces to enable accessing, using, reusing and sharing cancer-related data
    • T1.4: Federated data flow and integration with cloud analysis platforms (lead: EMBL-EBI)
    • D1.1 Data resources map (lead: UMCG)
    • D1.2 Data access interoperability (lead: EMBL-EBI)
  • WP3 – Federated cancer data analysis through portals across Europe
    • T3.3: Virtual research environments (lead: BSC-CNS)
    • D3.3 Virtual Research Environment interoperability (lead: BSC-CNS)
  • WP5 – Training and capacity building for key national and international stakeholders
    • T5.1: Identify and prioritize the existing gaps in training on the overarching project goal (lead: EATRIS)
    • T5.2: Implementation and delivery of training resources, relying, reusing and extending the existing resources, and aiming for the different audiences and domains evident in the consortium (lead??)
    • T5.3 Establishing a European training support network for cancer data research (lead: DTL)
    • D5.1 A guidance document for the EOSC4Cancer learning pathways (lead: CERTH)
    • D5.2 Courses portfolio, linked through the RDMkit Cancer View (lead: CNIO)
    • M5.2 - First content of the RDMkit Cancer View. - M20 (lead: UNIMAN)

We will also be helping align EOSC4Cancer with the FAIR-IMPACT project, as well as EuroScienceGateway and EOSC-Life.