WorkflowHub is a workflow system-agnostic registry of scientific workflows. It follows an open-development model, with regular community meetings held to steer the project’s direction. The inspiration for WorkflowHub came from myExperiment.

In accordance with FAIR principles, WorkflowHub makes extensive use of open standards and tools such as Common Workflow Language, RO-Crate, BioSchemas, TRS in order to facilitate discovery and re-use of workflows in an accessible and interoperable way.

WorkflowHub is based on the SEEK platform using Common Workflow Language and RO-Crate to glue in federated workflow and tool descriptions across the research infrastructures. It is integrated with the Life Science Login, GA4GH TRS API, European Galaxy service, LifeMonitor, ELIXIR’s Tool registry and other services. WorkflowHub is an EOSC service.

WorkflowHub’s initial development was part of EOSC-Life, following prototypes within IBISBA and BioExcel. The initial launch of WorkflowHub was pushed forward to provide for COVID-19 workflows.

The hub development is now supported by BY-COVID, EuroScienceGateway, TRE-FX, AgroServ, BioDT, BioIndustry4.0, and is heavily used by other ELIXIR activities.

WorkflowHub is a collaborative open project, see the full list of acknowledgements.

Publications and posters

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